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What can I have embroidered?

If it can fit under the machine, I can stitch it. Woven fabrics like denim and canvas are preferred. I generally do not stitch anything stretchy or delicate.


There is a full range of colors to choose from and pretty much any color idea you have can be matched.

Do you provide the garment?

I want you to enjoy the fit of your new piece so it's recommended that you send me what you would like stitched. Denim jackets can be provided for an additional fee.


Pricing varies on the size and complexity of the design, number of colors, quantity of pieces. Submit a Custom Form and I can provide a quote. All designs can be modified to work with certain budgets in mind, make sure to include that in your description.

Turnaround time?

Aimless Arrow is a one-man band. Turnaround times vary depending on the current workload but can be 6+ weeks for large projects. If you have a deadline in mind, let me know, and I will be happy to accomodate.

How to care for a garment?

I recommend dry cleaning for all patches and garments, or lightly hand washing in cold water and hang drying.

Do you wholesale?

Absolutely! Submit a Custom Form with your idea, how many, and when you need them!


I do not accept returns but want you to love the piece that we've created together, so contact me with any questions and concerns and we'll make sure you're happy.

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